We can help you meet your technical group training goals

Traditional online training, with pre-recorded videos and the odd quiz, is no longer adequate. At 博彩论坛 our approach is innovative and different: the training is live and interactive, the content is practical and cutting-edge and it is delivered by experienced industry practitioners. 博彩论坛集团培训提供:

  • Improved skills to your technical teams for greater efficiency in the workplace
  • Increased staff loyalty through investment in their professional development
  • Reduced risk as engineering practices are enhanced
  • Improved professional engineering and HR compliance

Key benefits of 博彩论坛 group trainingey benefits of 博彩论坛 group training

定制课程: We can adapt existing training courses to better target your professional development learning requirements.

交互性: 博彩论坛 group training and learning is interactive and engaging; our industry experts connect with attendees in real-time. 此外, 运用他们所学的知识, they have access to practical simulations and remote labs which are linked to real equipment and industry applications.

技术内容: Over two decades 博彩论坛 and IDC Technologies have produced a vast and diverse range of technical content across the engineering disciplines. This skill and knowledge is grouped into relevant and related professional certificate courses.

交付结构: The standard method of delivery of our professional certificate courses is a 3-month, part-time course (with fortnightly live webinars). There are other options: we can compress the training into a 5-day intensive delivery model, 例如, 上班时间灵活.

价格折扣: We offer discount rates that are based on delegate numbers. Please contact us on the form below for a free quote.

品牌证书: 雇主 have the option to brand the 博彩论坛 Professional Certificate courses that are delivered to a group of employees in a company.

Some of the companies that we have successfully delivered group training for include...

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技术职业 Receive practical training for your teams, regardless of their location.
面向行业的程序图标 Gain real technical skills that are relevant to your business' specific needs.
行业标杆领导者 Your site becomes safer and more productive.
Personnel benefit from increased team morale and greater job satisfaction.
澳大利亚认证图标 Your business will benefit from significant cost savings.

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